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Renewable Energy Procurement Advisors

Claim the benefits of switching to clean, zero-emission energy.

100% Clean Electricity is in Reach

Coho’s renewable energy advisors have helped large organizations achieve 100% clean electricity. We can get you there, too.

Switching to renewable electricity represents a major departure from traditional energy procurement and management practice. Buyers must navigate the needs and attitudes of internal stakeholders and the challenges of a complex market. You need a partner who has the right experience to get the job done.

Coho is that partner. With our deep market expertise and commitment to your end goals, we do more than help you close one deal. We help you create and implement a whole new approach to energy supply management so you can reach 100% clean electricity.

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Align Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement and organizational change management, particularly early in the process, significantly boosts the chances of successful project execution.

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Provide Objective Advice

We provide a consistent, objective assessment of all available renewable electricity solution options, with zero biases or hidden interests.

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Manage Risk and Avoid Pitfalls

We take a close look at common sources of risk, such as market volatility, project location, development risk, counterparty risk, quality of environmental attributes, etc., with a plan for securing the best possible terms.

Our Results

Enough Clean Electricity to Power Over 1.4 Million Homes

Since 2010, we have helped 100+ large organizations and brands switch to clean, renewable energy and cumulatively make a big impact.






Investments in contracted renewable energy projects


Estimated Jobs Created

How Coho Helps You Navigate a Complex Market

The renewable energy market can be volatile and sometimes unpredictable. But our experience and deep expertise keeps us on our feet and our clients on track.

Our renewable energy advisors are experts in:

  • All major energy procurement options, such as green tariffs, virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs), community solar, onsite solar energy, etc.
  • State, regional, and federal policies and rules on energy generation
  • Wholesales markets
  • Regulated and deregulated retail electric markets
  • Overseas renewables markets
A Client-Focused Mindset

“Coho has provided industry-leading expertise and innovative and adaptive solutions to meet our evolving needs. They have demonstrated their client-focused mindset throughout every encounter. Coho’s dedication matched the province’s dedication to meeting its renewable energy targets.”

David Miller
Director of Clean Energy, Natural Resources and Renewables, Government of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia
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Free On Demand Webinar

How to Seize the Value of Clean Energy Now

Switching to renewables is often the fastest and most cost-competitive way to slash emissions. This is enormously valuable to sustainability leaders facing the tight deadlines of public climate change commitments. But the renewables market is complex and competitive, and getting a great deal takes speed, market intelligence, and savvy negotiation skills. Watch this on demand webinar for our experts’ top insights.

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Our Capabilities

Advisory Services For Your Energy Transition

Changing your approach to energy procurement isn’t flipping a switch. It’s a journey — and a lot can change along the way. We’re by your side to help you strategize, adapt, and implement.

Strategy & Change Management

We help you assess your options and find the right portfolio of renewable energy solutions for your business.

  • Profile your current electric load and costs
  • Educate, engage, and align key stakeholders
  • Assess your clean energy options and tradeoffs
  • Develop a procurement strategy for a standalone solution or portfolio of renewable energy solutions
  • Define an implementation plan


Whether or not we developed the strategy with you, we can run a smooth procurement process for you.

  • Design and issue a custom request for proposals (RFP)
  • Identify best-fit renewable energy projects via Coho’s proprietary Market Pulse process
  • Perform economic modeling, risk analyses, counterparty assessments, and project development due diligence
  • Support negotiations

Reporting and Optimization

Coho can continue to support your organization on its long-term contract.

  • Identify opportunities to improve economic performance
  • Track project performance and audit monthly settlement invoices
  • Support the registration and tracking of renewable energy certificates (RECs)
  • Update future financial forecasts for the renewable energy project

For Electric Utilities

Coho’s experience with corporate buyers can help you develop an attractive clean power programs for customers.

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Featured Renewable Energy Advisors

Your Partners in Renewable Energy Procurement

These are just a few of our experienced advisors who help clients transact in the clean energy market.

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We Are Your Long-Term Partner For Renewable Energy Procurement

Your commitment is real. You need a partner who can help get it done.

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