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A Climate Consultant That Gets Results

A Climate Consultant That Gets Results

Go from ambition to action with a Coho climate consultant at your side.

Comprehensive Climate Consulting to Reach Net Zero

Large organizations are increasingly under pressure to decarbonize their operations—meaningfully and comprehensively. Coho will work collaboratively with you to develop a customized, cost-effective strategy to achieve your climate goals across all three scopes.

Scope 1

Emissions from assets owned or operated by the company, such as tailpipe emissions from company vehicles or emissions from gas heating systems in company buildings.

Example projects

  • Electrification
  • Fuel switching, such as biogas
  • Rigorous vetting of offsets for credibility

Scope 2

Emissions from purchased electricity used by the organization. See our Clean Energy service line for details on how we advise clients on this scope.

Example projects

  • Wind, solar, or hydro power purchase agreements
  • Onsite solar
  • Virtual net metering

Scope 3

Emissions created anywhere in the company’s value chain, including supplier emissions and any emissions from use of the company’s products.

Example projects

  • Supplier engagement programs
  • Scope 3 inventory
  • Company-supplier clean energy aggregations

Gain the Confidence to Be Truly Ambitious

The United Nations has urged the world to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Companies are expected to publicly disclose and meet science-based or net zero climate goals. Is your company leading, or behind?

No matter where you are on your climate journey, Coho can meet you where you are and help you chart the path ahead. Our approach combines intelligent analysis, methodical planning, and meaningful relationship-building so that clients achieve the real-world emissions reductions they seek. So, aim high.

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Analytical Horsepower

A Methodical and Intelligent Way Forward

There are countless ways to lower your organization’s emissions. Where do you focus your time and resources?

We’ve built a framework that helps you find the best path to your climate goals given your unique footprint, economics, and circumstances.

We get you there by prioritizing climate projects based on cost, risk, feasibility, and climate impact. We help you identify quick wins and forecast solutions for the future so you have a plan for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Climate Consultants for Real-Life Impact

“At Coho, we are all personally motivated to help our clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That means we can’t just deliver a plan that sounds good on paper. We make it economically attractive, feasible, and widely supported so we can execute and the emissions reductions are made real.”

Jaafar Rizvi
Vice President, Client Solutions, Coho
Jaafar Rizvi

Leading Change

It Takes the Whole Business to Change a Business

Decarbonization affects every corporate division—finance, legal, procurement, public relations, investor relations, marketing, and more.

You need your entire organization on board. We understand that change takes time, internal engagement, and buy-in. That’s why change management is so vital to everything we do.

We will help you collaborate with decision-makers across departments to get the backing you need for significant climate projects with lasting impact.

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Our Capabilities

End-to-End Climate Consulting

Coho’s advisors will support you on every step of your climate journey, from setting a target to achieving tangible emissions reductions and everything in between.

Measurement, Disclosures, and Goal Setting

We will get your decarbonization journey off on the right foot.

  • Develop emissions inventory for all 3 scopes and/or review existing inventory
  • Provide guidance on best practices to comply with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and reduce future audit risk
  • Select ambitious targets, meeting Science Based Targets or Net Zero criteria if desired

Strategy and Change Management

We can create a tailored strategy or refresh an existing one to keep current with a fast-changing market.

  • Dive into organizational priorities and key operational considerations
  • Combine best practices with organization specific situations to develop success criteria
  • Assess relevant geographic markets and relevant technology options
  • Educate key stakeholders and incorporate input to develop broad support for the program
  • Develop roadmap to decarbonization, including quick wins, medium- and long-term priorities


We will execute your strategy with the best solutions, vendors, and technologies available according to your priorities and expectations.

  • Perform realistic economic and risk analysis on solution options
  • Provide expert insight into commercial aspects of contract negotiation
  • Manage procurement and implementation processes
  • Lead (or support) implementation with vendors as needed to ensure quality outcomes
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Your Science-Based and Net Zero Goals Are On The Horizon

With Coho, you can get there faster and smarter.

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