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Our Approach

Success is where ambition and execution meet.

Employees, investors, customers, and future generations expect your organization to act on climate and water. Getting it done takes ingenuity, determination, adaptability, and thoughtful planning.

That’s the Coho way.

Support at Any Stage

Let’s get it done and get results.

No goal is out of reach, and we don’t believe there is one path forward for every organization. We work with you to find and execute the best programs, technologies, and projects for your business.


Let’s start planning. Through thoughtful analysis and deep client engagement, we collaborate to find the best path forward for your unique business. Assess what’s happening, find solutions, and get buy-in.

Change Management

There are a lot of moving parts when you’re moving an organization forward. We’ll answer questions, educate your colleagues, and address their needs, priming your organization for what could be significant changes.


Coho will ensure every detail of a client’s strategy is implemented on the best terms possible. From contract negotiation to detailed briefings with decision makers, we’ll overcome the obstacles.

Reporting and Optimization

Coho will stay engaged with you and your project to ensure it is optimally managed and delivering high returns. This ongoing review process tracks contracts, credits, and most importantly, performance.

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Looking for answers?

Read posts from our expert advisors and discover how your organization can take its climate and water resiliency work to the next level.

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Tailored Strategies

Objective Advice Means Better Options

There are countless ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions and use water more sustainably. We help you choose the best options for your business.

At Coho, we have no financial stake in anything other than our own advisory services. Unlike other advisors, we do not hold inventory of renewable energy projects or offer “preferred” solutions that boost our bottom line. You get unbiased recommendations based on your needs, your goals, and the values of your stakeholders.

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Change Management

Our Unique Focus on Internal Alignment

Meeting sustainability goals on climate change and water often entail major departures from standard practice. You need buy-in from legal, finance, public relations, procurement, facilities, and the C-suite. That’s a huge undertaking.

Internal alignment is one of the biggest variables putting your climate or water goal at risk. That’s why our team develops a robust change management plan for every client.

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Thorough Outreach

Identify and connect with all important decision-makers and stakeholders across the organization who will impact the success of the initiative.

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Clear and Purposeful Communication

Communicate objectives clearly and empathetically; provide regular briefings to inform and collect feedback.

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Inclusive Conversations

Hear the stakeholders’ concerns, learn about their requirements, and ensure their needs are considered during strategy and execution.

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A Shared North Star

Secure alignment among stakeholders on priorities and project requirements so the organization can move quickly to seize opportunities or adapt to changing market conditions.

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Handling the Details To See the Big Picture

Every project has a thousand little aspects that most people never think about. But we do.

Local building ordinances can derail global ambitions. Permitting processes can cause huge delays. Supply chain disruptions can raise prices. Changing regulations can change markets. The smallest thing can upset the big picture.

Coho thrives on the details. We anticipate complications and make sure your project stays on track at every step of the way.

Determination to Get There

“Our advisors at Coho are as committed to our climate goals as we are. It’s only because of their great partnership that we were able to ride out all the challenges and close a clean energy deal that we are so excited about.”

Jane Stewart
Director of Sustainability , Washington & Lee University
Jane Stewart

Ready to Adapt

Technology evolves. Public policies shift. Supply chains struggle. Personnel rotates. In a long-term project, things change.

If you have a team that’s stuck with one approach, your project can break down. But we adapt to changing circumstances while keeping your goals front and center.

Every client has a dedicated team of advisors. They know your business, and they know the market for renewable energy and other emissions-cutting or water-saving solutions. That’s how we lead you to the best possible outcomes, no matter what.

An Experienced Guide

“Many transactions are really complex, and it can make or break the deal to have an experienced advisor on your side. We are committed to helping clients side-step pitfalls and get to where they want to go.”

Gavin Ahern
Director, Client Solutions, Coho
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Determined To Succeed

Every client defines success differently. However you define yours, we’ll get you there. Transformation starts with a conversation.

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