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Our Approach

Coho’s unmatched advisory services help large organizations confidently execute transformational climate initiatives.

Set Ambitious Climate Goals with Complete Confidence

Everyday, we are reminded of the urgent need to reduce our carbon and water footprints. Customers, investors, regulators, and employees expect us to act—boldly, swiftly, and effectively.

But transformation of this scale and complexity can overwhelm event the brightest management team. Markets for clean technologies are changing quickly. Innovation is moving at breakneck pace. Skyrocketing demand can make great solutions difficult to access on business-friendly terms.

Coho’s advisors are here to help you navigate these new waters. From baseline to breaking ground, we will bring unmatched expertise to your unique goals and challenges, ensuring that your sustainability agenda delivers.

The Coho Difference

Support at Any Stage


Tailored & Objective Advice


Alignment for Change


A Dedicated Team

Support at Any Stage

Dedicated to Your Journey

Our priority is to efficiently move your organization from ambition to execution. Whether your organization is entering the market for clean technologies for the first time or seeking improvements to a struggling procurement program, we will make sure your next steps set you up for success.

Assessment & Goals

  • Baseline emissions, energy, and/or water footprints
  • Collect detailed inventories of emissions sources and water-intensive systems
  • Set goals, such as a science-based or net zero emissions targets

Change Management

  • Engage key stakeholders across divisions, such as legal, finance, accounting, facilities, and sustainability
  • Establish priorities, requirements, and limitations
  • Ensure alignment on your shared “north star”


  • Identify all potential clean energy, decarbonization, and water resiliency solutions (i.e., onsite solar, electric vehicles, VPPAs, etc.)
  • Create a framework for methodically assessing solutions against agreed-upon priorities and criteria
  • Facilitate solution selection and sequencing among executive decision-makers
  • Establish funding mechanisms and timelines


  • Run a competitive procurement
  • Negotiate and perform due diligence
  • Execute projects and optimize over time
An Experienced Guide

“Many transactions are really complex, and it can make or break the deal to have an experienced advisor on your side. We are committed to helping clients side-step pitfalls and get to where they want to go.”

Gavin Ahern
Director, Client Solutions, Coho

Tailored & Objective Advice

Unparalleled Market Knowledge With No Hidden Interests

There are countless ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions and use water more sustainably. We help you choose the best options for your business.

Coho’s advisors are experts on the markets for renewable energy and other clean technologies. Unlike other advisors, we do not hold inventory of renewable energy projects or offer “preferred” solutions that boost our bottom line. You get unbiased recommendations based on your needs, your goals, and the values of your stakeholders.

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Alignment for Change

Our Unique Focus on Change Management

Decarbonization is a long series of big changes—and it is impossible without broad support and participation.

Coho’s proven approach to change management allows our clients to work more quickly, be more nimble, and get to execution faster:

  1. Identify and connect with all important stakeholders across the organization who will impact the success of the initiative.
  2. Hear their concerns, learn about their requirements, and ensure their needs are considered during strategy and execution.
  3. Communicate objectives clearly and empathetically; provide regular briefings to inform and collect feedback.
  4. Secure alignment on a project’s “north star” so the organization can move quickly to seize opportunities or adapt to changing market conditions.

A Dedicated Team

Bringing Excellence to Your Climate Journey

Coho attracts best-in-class talent who are moved by our purpose: to be catalysts for bold climate action.

Our team is deeply experienced and purposefully diverse: we are 39% women, 31% people of color or international staff, and proficient in more than two dozen languages. We invest heavily in team member development and are proud to enjoy above-average employee retention.

Coho brings all that passion and capability to your toughest challenges. We operate like an extension of your team—100% focused on your goals.

Meet Our Team

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Our Experience & Impact

Catalyzing Bold Climate Action

From beloved state universities to the world’s most recognizable brands, Coho’s clients span sectors and geographies. Our approach centers their unique needs and opportunities so that, together, we can get to impact faster.



Large organizations served across sectors and global regions


Facilitated investments in clean energy, climate, and water resiliency projects



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Client Story

Bringing Clean & Affordable Electricity to the People of Nova Scotia

In December 2020, the province brought on Coho to administer large-scale renewable energy procurements on behalf of the provincial utility, Nova Scotia Power, and to develop a green tariff program. Through these projects, Coho and the province are expanding access to clean energy for both rate-paying residents and large-scale corporate buyers.

Read more.

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How Can We Help You Act Boldly?

Let’s talk about how Coho can help you pursue transformational climate initiatives with complete confidence.

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