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Walid Norris

VP, Client Solutions
Walid Norris

Walid Norris (he/him, WAH-lid or wah-LEED (arabic/french) NOHR-riss) has led renewable energy procurement for Coho’s largest corporate clients, helping them find the best path to their 100% clean energy goals given their geographically dispersed energy footprints and unique business circumstances. Walid has also worked with large corporate clients on supply chain engagement, enabling them to make progress on reducing scope 3 emissions. He is an expert in change management, which entails consistent and meaningful engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders at client companies. In addition to his client work, Walid oversees Coho’s business development and marketing efforts, and he is leading the company’s expanded service offering in Europe and Asia.

Previously, Walid worked for SolarCity (Tesla) in project management and business development for onsite solar solutions, served as a consultant on climate technology programs at the World Bank and worked in e-commerce and analytics at Sony Electronics. He holds a Master’s in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University.

Walid, who is fluent in French and Italian, enjoys spending time in nature with his wife and young children and follows green motor racing.

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