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Water Resiliency Advisors

Coho can help you find sustainable solutions for a dependable and cost-effective water supply.

Take Your Water Resiliency Practice to the Next Level

Coho can help your organization find and adopt the best portfolio of water management technologies for its operations. We apply thoughtful stakeholder engagement and rigorous analysis to the task.

The results: clients can expect to achieve a 30-60% reduction in potable water use, 50-100% reduction in waste or storm water discharge, 50-100% utility water redundancy, cost savings, beneficial public relations, and progress towards sustainability targets.

Why Tackle Water Risk

Water Supports Millions of Dollars of Real Assets For the Average Facility

Your facilities depend on a reliable water supply for potable use and for crucial cooling and heating processes. What could go wrong?

  • Aging infrastructure and inherent capacity limitations can jeopardize your operations.
  • Growing utility costs can strain budgets.
  • Climate-change-induced droughts and floods can disrupt utility water supply.

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Our Approach To

Purposeful, Vetted, and Financially Sound Water Resiliency Solutions

You have water resiliency goals, and we’re the advisors who can get you there. Why?

Coho helps clients assess their water risks and implement projects that will improve business continuity, address environmental concerns, and generate savings while hedging against price volatility. We are solution and vendor agnostic, ensuring what we recommend is fit for purpose, rigorously vetted, and financially sound.

Measurement & Baselining

  • Water balance and foot printing, including a comprehensive metering strategy & dynamic dashboarding
  • Goal setting and benchmarking
  • Change management support to focus organizational priorities


  • Identification of wastewater and stormwater reuse opportunities
  • Optimization of HVAC and process water efficiency

Competitively Sourced Solutions

  • Enhanced metering
  • Thermal recovery
  • Water treatment solicitations
  • Stormwater reuse systems
  • Wastewater reuse systems

Your Water Resiliency Advisors

These are just a few of the experts who can help you meet your water goals.

Discover Opportunities with Coho

“Operations managers are increasingly being tasked to protect business continuity, hedge against cost volatility, and meet sustainability targets by creating a thoughtful water resiliency strategy. Our role at Coho is to help facility and sustainability leaders understand the array of options, weigh the applicability and benefits, and ensure implementation by leveraging competitive sourcing and end-to-end water subject matter expertise.”

Jonathan Lanciani
Vice President, Water Solutions, Coho
Jonathan Lanciani

Insights from Our Water Experts

What facility managers and sustainability leaders need to know about water resiliency.

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You Have a Goal. Let’s See It Through Together.

Partner with a team of corporate water resiliency advisors who will champion your goals as you journey to the finish line of becoming a more sustainable organization.

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