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Our Mission

To do everything in our power to embolden organizations to rapidly reduce climate impact.

Who We Are

Catalysts for Bold Climate Action

We’re voracious learners and hands-on leaders. We work at the intersection of rigorous analysis and relationship-building. And we’re motivated by one thing: helping our clients achieve meaningful, real-life impact on climate change and water sustainability. That’s what makes us trusted advisors to dozens of major corporations and institutions.


Our diverse team has deep subject matter and problem-solving expertise on an ever-expanding list of topics relevant to organizational climate and water sustainability.


Our team is adept at change-management—understanding your nuanced challenges and getting decision-makers onboard so your organization can seize opportunities and side-step pitfalls.


Go big or go home. We believe 100% clean energy and net zero emissions are achievable with enough determination, and we are proud to support clients that aim high.


Our team is committed to developing meaningful and enduring partnerships and delivering end-to-end support for near- and long-term wins.

Your Team

Global Climate Advisors With Deep Market Insight

Focused on your climate and water resiliency journey.

Our diverse team of advisors are here to make your path towards climate and water sustainability as simple as possible. From start to finish, you’ll have a team dedicated to helping you navigate complexity and take ambitious steps.

That means supporting large, transformational projects from planning to ribbon-cutting. We crunch the numbers, run procurements, handle complex details, and always stay ready to adapt to changing conditions. Coho is about going beyond the PowerPoint and getting it done.

Transformation isn’t easy. It may feel like swimming upstream. But with Coho, you have a partner alongside you during the whole journey.

Meet The Coho Team

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Since 2010

A Values-Driven Company

Coho’s values have guided its groundbreaking client work for over a decade.

Former McKinsey & Company energy practice leaders Gary Farha and Dilip Kamat founded Coho (then called CustomerFirst Renewables) to help large organizations switch to clean wind and solar energy. The very first thing they did as founders was draft the set of values at right, which continue to guide our work every day.

(Dilip Kamat and Gary Farha, 2021)

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Client-First Mindset

We take an unbiased, fact-based approach to analysis and provide tailored support to each client.

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Innovate the Industry

We push the envelope to find the best solutions for our client’s needs.

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Keep Getting Better

We adapt our solutions to the rapidly changing market, rather than settle on a “one size fits all” solution.

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Be the Best Team

We offer world-class support by building a diverse and passionate team.

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Ethics Beyond Reproach

We are privately held and fully independent which allows us to operate objectively and with transparency.

Coho Cares

Coho walks the talk. We live our values through our client work and how we operate as a company. Our three internal Coho Cares initiatives make us better advisors and make Coho a great place to grow a career.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are essential drivers of our core value to “be the best team.” We are actively creating an environment where our diverse team members are valued, respected, and supported for their unique perspectives and experiences: We have partnered with a consultant to develop a DEI strategy, we issue a monthly DEI-focused internal newsletter, we are assessing and improving our hiring and recruitment processes, and we are engaging with suppliers on their DEI efforts.

Carbon Elimination

Coho is a carbon neutral business through the purchase of offsets and continuously promotes sustainability within our organization. Coho subsidizes the use of public transportation for team members, incentivizes participation in community solar programs, serves climate-friendly meals during team events, and organizes an annual “Earth Month” challenge.


We value our team members’ mindfulness and physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Our wellness initiative holistically supports our team so they can be creative, engaged, and fulfilled. From planning group social and exercise activities to shaping company benefits and policies, our wellness team puts our team members’ needs front and center.

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Move Your Organization Forward

With a team that understands everything it takes to get there.

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