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Clean energy advisors for utilities - power lines over a flowering field

Clean Energy Advisors for Utilities

Coho’s advisors have experience with electric utilities’ unique needs when procuring renewable energy.

Tap Into the Benefits of Renewable Energy

Electric utilities are under mounting pressure from customers and regulators to bring clean, zero-emissions electricity online. Having a significant share of renewables in the energy mix is crucial for attracting large buyers and adhering to state renewable portfolio standards.

Coho’s advisors have helped utilities surge ahead in the transition to low-carbon electricity. We can help your utility move farther and faster towards your decarbonization targets.

Make Clean Energy Your Business

Utility Programs for Corporate Clean Energy Buyers

Large companies are committing to ambitious climate goals in record-breaking numbers. When they set up new facilities, they consider the renewable energy offerings of the local utility.

What are they looking for? We will tap our deep experience advising 80+ corporate clean energy buyers to help your utility design a competitive program that meets your unique regulatory and business requirements.

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A Client-Focused Mindset

“Coho has provided industry-leading expertise and innovative and adaptive solutions to meet our evolving needs. They have demonstrated their client-focused mindset throughout every encounter. Coho’s dedication matched the province’s dedication to meeting its renewable energy targets.”

David Miller
Director of Clean Energy, Natural Resources and Renewables, Government of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia
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Find the Best Clean Energy Projects

Support for Clean Energy Procurement

Coho’s advisors know the renewable energy market inside and out. We can help your utility source clean electricity in the most economical, fair, and regulation-compliant way possible.

See how Coho can help

The Coho Difference

Specialized Support for Utilities

Coho has helped over 80 large organizations from a wide variety of industries buy commercial-scale wind and solar energy. We know that the needs of electric utilities are a little different.

Evaluation & Strategy Setting

  • Assess utility situation. Review goals, load characteristics, organizational constraints, current supply portfolio, available resources, and market outlook​
  • Review supply options and structures. Evaluate best-fit procurement configurations and recommend renewable energy procurement strategy tailored to situation​
  • Understand cost recovery mechanisms. Evaluate legacy assets treatment, review options, and recommend cost-recovery approach to support renewable energy procurement

Program Design & Implementation

  • Assess comparative offerings. Profile clean energy programs offered by other utilities and identify tenets aligned with your needs and constraints ​
  • Design program. Develop corporate renewable energy program mechanics, enrollment process, and commercial terms, and address feedback from customers​
  • Socialize program. Develop and implement socialization strategy to increase awareness and understanding

Resource Procurement

  • Ensure stakeholder buy-in.  Engage all relevant decision makers during RFP/PPA development ​
  • Administer RFP. Develop and issue RFP and perform comprehensive analyses to identify the most attractive option(s) ​
  • Lead or support developer negotiations. Secure the best terms possible for the electric utility, ultimately culminating in a signed renewable energy contract​
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Let’s Make a Plan

Your electric utility needs a clean and competitive service offering. Coho is your partner in getting it right, and getting there fast.

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