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Kevin Rackstraw

Senior Advisor
Kevin Rackstraw

Kevin Rackstraw (he/him, KE-vun RACK-straw) is a senior advisor to Coho and specializes in demystifying the renewable energy market for clients.

He has led Coho’s engagement in policy advocacy at the US national and state level and helps clients understand the current and future environment for renewable energy projects and markets.

Kevin has led the execution of over 50 PPAs. He routinely taps that deep pool of experience to explain to clients what is happening in the markets and might happen in the future around renewable energy costs, risks, and best practices for development, contracting, operation, and environmental claims for solutions that help to reduce clients’ greenhouse gas footprints.

Kevin also leverages his years of experience in the project development world to provide expert advice and troubleshooting on finding and vetting strong projects and counterparties. He is also responsible for negotiation of all power and project sales, construction and O&M agreements, and ensuring that Coho’s financial modeling and risk mitigation is viable in the market.

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