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CustomerFirst Renewables is Now Coho

We rebranded to better represent the talents, capabilities, and motivations of our team. But the customer-first mindset lives on.

Meet Coho

Our Roots as CustomerFirst Renewables

CustomerFirst Renewables was founded in 2010 with a simple objective: to help clients switch to wind and solar electricity. Gary Farha and Dilip Kamat, the firm’s founders, knew that renewable energy could offer significant economic, social, and environmental benefits to large corporate buyers. But they also knew that most buyers struggled to navigate an electricity market that did not put their interests first and left them few choices.

They wanted to disrupt the energy industry by giving these buyers access to the renewable energy market. They had the expertise to help these buyers find the best wind and solar solutions for their needs, so they named this firm CustomerFirst Renewables.

CustomerFirst Renewables

Since then, our company has partnered with some of the largest brands in the world on their clean energy journeys. CustomerFirst Renewables helped its clients contract for more than seven million megawatt hours annually of clean, renewable energy—enough to power over 650,000 homes. It also launched new service lines for climate and water.

Rebranding to Coho

In 2021, after over a decade of achievements and steady growth, we examined how CustomerFirst Renewables represented the firm’s work. The leadership team decided it was time to rebrand to accommodate our added service lines and better convey what makes us unique. The Coho brand was developed through an inclusive process that involved a team of brand strategists and creatives, team members at all levels of the firm, and clients.

Though “Customer First” was removed from our brand name, the ethos lives on. It is one of our firm’s core values.

In September 2022, we announced that our new name is Coho Climate Advisors. For more on our rebrand, read our press release.

Why Coho?

We were inspired by the coho salmon, an animal with a unique story of determination and adaptability.

The coho salmon undergo enormous migratory journeys, some as far as 1,000 miles. They traverse oceans and rivers, famously swimming upstream against strong, rushing river currents, adapting from salt water to fresh water along the way.

Our advisors bring that determination and adaptability to the work we do with clients everyday. They aren’t satisfied with a good plan on paper—they push through obstacles until that plan is executed and generating the environmental and economic benefits that were promised.

No matter how long the journey, no matter how tough the challenge, our team will get you there. This is the Coho way. Determined. Adaptable. Dedicated. Focused on our clients.

Learn About Our Approach

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