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Jonathan Lanciani

SVP, Water Solutions

Jonathan Lanciani, SVP, Water Solutions leads our global water resiliency service line, enabling clients to assess, understand, and act to enhance business continuity.

He is a trusted corporate advisor with over 30 years of executive leadership. He has an extensive background in sustainability strategy, corporate water stewardship, water resource management, adaptation and resiliency, thermal recovery, biodiversity, and biomimicry. He has been recognized for his experience bridging gaps across technical functions and translating sustainability risks into opportunities for operational improvements at the site and corporate levels. With a boot to boardroom approach, he has been a catalyst for action, shaping a variety of operational sustainability strategies for regional, national, and global corporations addressing their challenges, increasing their capacity, and shifting performance. His goal is to support the client in recognizing the full value of their investment as quickly as possible, with a track record of building and integrating diverse, high-performing teams across the globe to deliver flagship programs. By evolving the conversation with clients, he facilitates the co-creation and implementation of growth initiatives. Key areas of focus include baseline assessment, risk analysis, goal setting, stakeholder engagement, business case development, financing, implementation, and performance optimization.

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