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Terence de Pentheny O’Kelly

VP, Client Solutions
Terence De Pentheny O Kelly

Terence de Pentheny O’Kelly (TEH-runse duh PENTH-eh-nee oh-KEL-ee) enables large organizations from various sectors to successfully procure clean energy in ways that best serve their unique circumstances. He has nearly 15 years of experience in the energy industry in project development across renewable and traditional energy technologies, including origination, procurement, permitting, financing, negotiation, and implementation. He has specialized expertise working with clients in the financial services sector, higher education, and manufacturing, and with organizations with distributed retail footprints. He has a track record of executing a variety of renewable energy solutions, including regulated market transactions, highly structured retail transactions in deregulated markets, onsite solar, community solar, and wholesale market virtual and physical power purchase agreements.

Terence also leads Coho’s effort to build and deploy the industry’s best team. He oversees programs related to firm culture, professional development, recruiting and retention, and resource allocation.

Terence started his career in corporate strategy development before serving as a project developer on international renewable energy projects. Most recently before Coho, Terence was VP of Development for a private energy investment firm with responsibilities for sourcing and developing power projects around the world. Terence is fluent in both English and French. He lives in Colorado with his family and is an avid skiier.

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