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Renewable Energy Procurement in the United States

Renewable Energy Procurement in the United States

Coho’s expertise will help your organization successfully navigate the U.S. clean energy market.

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Coho will help you deliver on your sustainability commitments.

The renewable energy environment in the United States continues to rapidly develop. Clean power production capabilities are soaring and more large-scale organizations are turning to renewable energy procurement to address their carbon footprint. While the evolving energy markets in the U.S. can be complex and challenging, it’s not time to sit on the sidelines—especially when your organization has public decarbonization goals it must meet.

While your organization’s decarbonization target dates may still be years off, there’s no time to waste. Large-scale energy procurements are lengthy engagements and it’s likely you’ll need every day you have to hit your mark.

Coho’s renewable energy experts will help you get the job done. With our deep market experience and an unbiased, client-first commitment to your decarbonization path, we can help you outline and implement a course to 100% clean energy. We pay particular attention to your clean energy options, their potential risks, and the change management and stakeholder engagement challenges you’ll have to navigate within your organization—all in service of successfully meeting your clean energy goals.

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Coho Capability

Comprehensive Solution Knowledge

Options abound for putting renewable energy to use for reaching your decarbonization goals. But which ones make the most sense for you?

Coho’s expert team can walk you through all of your choices in the U.S. market and uncover the best options for your organization’s specific needs.

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Coho Capability

Change Management

Change—especially systemic change—can be challenging. We’re here to help.

Coho’s team understands the internal concerns that accompany a company-wide decarbonization effort and can help you address questions in a transparent and collaborative way that will keep your strategy on track. In our experience, effective change management makes all the difference in getting large clean energy deals done.

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Coho Capability

Risk Management

Meaningful action always involves some form of risk, but that doesn’t have to deter your organization from moving forward confidently.

Coho can help identify areas of concern and develop ways of minimizing exposure as you progress toward your decarbonization goals.

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Coho Capability

Retail Optimization

Depending on where your company is located in the U.S., retail energy could play an important part of your overall energy portfolio.

Coho’s retail energy experts will demystify the available retail renewable energy programs and show you how to make full use of them on your path to 100% clean energy.

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Coho Capability

Tax Credit Transfers

Take advantage of a new solution to reduce your company’s tax burden, freeing up funds for clean energy and other climate investments.

The Inflation Reduction Act’s transferability clause makes it possible to purchase clean energy tax credits at a discount to generate financial savings. Let Coho help you leverage this ability to build a business case for your climate goals and propel the global clean energy transition in the process.

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End-to-End Support

Advisory Services For Your Energy Transition

Changing your approach to energy procurement isn’t flipping a switch. It’s a journey—and a lot can change along the way. We’re by your side to help you strategize, adapt, and implement.

Strategy & Change Management

We help you assess your options and find the right portfolio of renewable energy solutions for your business.

  • Profile your current electric load and costs
  • Educate, engage, and align key stakeholders
  • Assess your clean energy options and tradeoffs
  • Develop a procurement strategy for a standalone solution or portfolio of renewable energy solutions
  • Define an implementation plan


Whether or not we developed the strategy with you, we can run a smooth procurement process for you.

  • Design and issue a custom request for proposals (RFP)
  • Identify best-fit renewable energy projects via Coho’s proprietary Market Pulse process
  • Perform economic modeling, risk analyses, counterparty assessments, and project development due diligence
  • Support negotiations

Reporting and Optimization

Coho can continue to support your organization on its long-term contract.

  • Identify opportunities to improve economic performance
  • Track project performance and audit monthly settlement invoices
  • Support the registration and tracking of renewable energy certificates (RECs)
  • Update future financial forecasts for the renewable energy project

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These are just a few of our experienced advisors who help clients transact in the U.S. clean energy market.

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