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Guide to Commercial & Industrial Water Risk

Don Pedro reservoir during California's 2021 drought

Organizations need water for drinking, sanitation, heating, cooling, manufacturing, and irrigation. Without it, buildings cannot be kept safe and comfortable and industrial processes cannot function.

Water risk is the chance that water becomes more expensive or unavailable for normal use. It is a significant and growing threat to business continuity and profitability.

This guide explains:

  • The types of water risk impacting commercial operations
  • Why these risks are becoming more severe and costly
  • How sustainability and operations leaders can improve the efficiency of water use within their organization’s owned operations and supply chain, thereby improving water resiliency
  • The benefits that can be achieved through water resiliency planning

This guide is essential reading for any sustainability, facilities, operations, or risk management professional responsible for business continuity and water resources stewardship.


Guide to Water RIsk